Substance Use In Law School

This is a post I wasn’t sure about writing. Everyone has their own personal preference, and I’m not in any position to tell people what is right or wrong for their own personal circumstances. This post is just about the substance use I’ve observed throughout 1L in general terms. Caffeine: As a society we love caffeine. Coffee, tea, energy drinks, soda, even capsules, we can’t … Continue reading Substance Use In Law School

Compelling Discoveries: January

In the interest of posting more, I decided to start doing a monthly favorites post. This could be items, habits, songs, apps, quotes…literally whatever pulled me through the month! My goal is to not have these be generic like “sleeping enough!” We should all be doing stuff like that. The weirder the better. Plus I’d be lying to you all if I said I slept … Continue reading Compelling Discoveries: January

Depression and the Future of the Blog

Hello friends. Depression. A lot of us have it or have had it at one point. Even more of us know someone who has it. I say “has” instead of “suffers from” or “struggles with” because I like to remind myself as often as possible that although I’ve been diagnosed with depression for a decade now (feeling old…), it’s not something that I necessarily think … Continue reading Depression and the Future of the Blog

Survival Tips for the First Month of Law School

You can catch stress. Seriously y’all, it is contagious as the flu. By the end of September, I hit my stride, and was able to read cases, take some notes, and come to class prepared and in control of the material. Or so I thought. Because the girl next to me had 5 pages from the reading the night before, color coded. And the girl … Continue reading Survival Tips for the First Month of Law School

What to Wear in Law School

This seems a little silly to me now, but it’s something I was legitimately concerned about before classes started. Should I wear business casual to class? These people are the people I’ll be working with in the ~real world~, so don’t I want to always look put together? Sounds great in theory. But how about the fact that I’m barely keeping my head above water, … Continue reading What to Wear in Law School