How I’m Preparing for Law School


Lots of intentional breathing. Lots of wine.

All jokes aside, as I approach 1L my love of lists is ever increasing. In a desperate attempt to make sure I don’t forget anything, here is the list of how I’m preparing for law school.


Something I never had to do in undergrad was take out loans. I was incredibly fortunate for that privilege, and now that I am “off the family fellowship” as my parents like to say, I’m figuring out the loans process for the first time in my life (can we talk about how confusing this can be?).

In addition to actually applying for FAFSA, I’m making sure all my loan counseling is done, and MPN’s are submitted. Unfortunately, even with the scholarship I received, and a FAFSA loan, I still needed more money to pay for housing and food, so I decided to take out PLUS loans.

Thinking about having to pay all of this back when I graduate is terrifying, and vaguely surreal, so I’m focused on doing what I can about it for now, which at the moment amounts to basically nothing other than taking out only what I need, and having a killer budget about that money.

Anxiety of the day: what if I forget to fill out a form or I budget poorly and I wake up one day in November with no money?


I read this great post by Caffeine and Case Briefs (if you haven’t checked out her blog go do it right now!), and while I’ve still got my school email from undergrad (I’m going back to my alma mater), the rest was something I totally needed to do. In addition to the tips she mentions of clearing out hard drive space and updating your system, I’m one of those terrible people who has approximately 8,000 emails at any given time in their inbox, so I’m adding clearing that out to my version of her list.

I have a laptop still from when I started college, and since it’s a Mac, it’s not super outdated. I opted to buy a new iPad though, which I’ll be taking back and forth to campus to take notes on instead of lugging something heavier.

That also means I’ll need a bluetooth keyboard to avoid typing on my iPad screen trying to take notes, as well as a wireless printer to keep at home at the recommendation of Nikki over at Brazen and Brunette (another of my favorite blogs).


Since I’m not leaving the city in which I already live, finding an apartment is one less thing to worry about. At this point, since they haven’t assigned summer readings to us yet, the only other things I’m focused on are assembling my supplies for school (another post on that soon!), making an appointment to have my PCP fill out my health report, and making sure I buy the discounted public transit pass for the semester, as it will end up saving me literally hundreds as compared to ubering back and forth every day. I currently have a car, but will be leaving that at my family’s house a couple hours away, so as to save some extra cash from the parking spot I currently rent. Additionally, I go to a city school, so campus is NOT parking friendly, and that would be a super expensive option as well.

Is there anything else you would recommend to prepare for 1L? Leave me a comment!


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