What I’m Reading


It’s not all assigned! Throughout undergrad, I never read for fun. Prior to that, I had read voraciously my whole life, so I am attempting to maintain the habit of reading for fun through law school. Below are some of the books I’m reading/have read (although not listed are the free from Amazon and loosely fact checked biographies of serial killers that I can’t seem to get away from), and what I think of them.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

5/5 would recommend. It’s a classic for a reason people. A post apocalyptic journey through a patriarchal society from a woman’s perspective. The kind of book you walk away from feeling thoughtful, a little bit smarter, and kind of sad because it’s remarkably close to where we are today – just saying. Amazing, horrifying, and creepily relevant. I haven’t seen the series yet, but it’s on the list. If you’ve watched it, let me know what you think!

The Silver Star by Jeanette Walls

5/5 Jeanette Walls can do no wrong in my opinion. Her characters are sassy and funny and sad and I just love them all so much, unless I hate them all so much, and what I’m trying to say is homegirl has a way of getting you invested in a pair of siblings whose mother runs off and leaves them to stay with their weird uncle and learn about life which doesn’t even come close to doing this book justice. Also, if you haven’t read The Glass Castle, another work of hers, go, now, before they make it a movie (they’re actually seriously making it a movie). Go.

Prep: A Novel by Curtis Sittenfeld

4/5 I feel like I’m probably the only person who hadn’t read this book by now. I had heard about it, but expected your classic “gossip girl” situation for some reason. Maybe it’s because I also moved from the Midwest to Boston (like the main character), or because I went to prep school, but this was nothing like I expected. Not cheesy or preachy, and I got all the way through it before realizing it was supposed to be set in the 60s or 70s so I guess you could call it ~timeless~. However, the characters sounded much older than they were supposed to be, and at times it felt like a “90210” deal, with older people playing younger roles. Worth a read for sure.

Mischling by Affinity Konar

4/5 The name means “twins”, and the book centers around the experiences of one of a set of twins subjected to Mengele’s experiments during the Holocaust. I’m a huge sucker for historical fiction (I know, nerd), and immediately after finishing this I found myself searching “books like Mischling”. It felt very real, and handled a tough subject with a realistic perspective from the characters, rather than taking a “what we know now” approach.

Room: A Novel by Emma Donoghue

3/5 A story about a boy and his mother, trapped in a room by his mother’s abductor. It’s written from his perspective, which means you’re essentially dealing with a 5-year old the entirety of the book, and that was just a lot of kid contact for me, so I had to put it down every once in awhile. Easy to read, easy to pick up and put down, engaging, but I have to admit, I found the boy pretty annoying towards the end. Also, subject matter is pretty depressing.

The Long Walk by Stephen King

5/5 True story about my experience with this book: I was supposed to go out with a guy I was super into, and called (okay, I texted) him to reschedule our date (aka I told him something came up and I’d be late) because I had like 100 pages left in this and literally could not put it down. Amazing.

The Secrets They Kept by Suzanne Handler

0/5 Honestly for a topic I expected to be so jazzed about, what with my fixation on true morbid occurrences, such a letdown. I had to stop reading about halfway in. The author essentially repeats herself over and over, applying her feelings about a situation to relatives who passed long before she was born. More of a venting session in a diary that should have been kept private. Why am I putting this on here? To save y’all some freaking time if you ever come across it.

What should be my next read? Leave suggestions in the comments!


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