…and other horror stories


Never too early for the hindsight bias, am I right?

I could sit here and tell you about how perfect and exciting the first week was. I could lie to you. I won’t.

Last week was the first week of school. We had orientation Monday and Tuesday, and then a modified schedule Wednesday through Friday.


consisted primarily of being “talked at”, to bare it all to you. There was a lot of talk about how to read a case, diversity, and general “about the school” housekeeping. Totally fine, but totally boring, and not at all conducive to making friends. When there was a chance to talk to others, I tried, and everyone I would strike up a conversation with would just kind of look at me like my head was on fire.

I left Monday and called my dad to tell him how mean everyone was – it felt like the first day of high school all over again.

The second day was a little bit better, and I ended up meeting a few girls who were incredibly friendly and nice. They ended up being in my section, and we’ve become friends, which is such a relief, because…

First Day

rolls around and we all grabbed seats next to each other, only to have the professor come in and tell us those were our seats for the semester. Since each of our classes every day are in the same room back to back, this kind of sets us up to have a solid seating plan through all of our classes, as people didn’t really vary from that seating chart.

The Work Itself

is intense. There’s already a lot of it, and it’s already tough slug through, but it’s not necessarily hard to understand. All of it makes sense, and I’ve been able to raise my hand to answer a question in every class so far. HOWEVER. While all of that is well and good, the transition of routine has been nuts. I used to wake up, go to the gym, go to work, come home, cook dinner and go to bed. Adjusting to commuting on public transit rather than in a car, new eating schedules, new workout schedules, everything is honestly a dumpster fire right now. I haven’t finished 100% of my nightly work a single time thus far, I have a million unread texts because I’m too overwhelmed to hold up an actual conversation with people, I survived last week on only granola bars and coffee, and I went to the gym ONCE. I usually go every day! Not to mention that my boyfriend moved to a part of the city half an hour away (we lived next to each other before), and it’s all a perfect storm.

My goal for this week is to establish a routine that works for my mental and physical health as much as my academic health.

Stay tuned for the next post on that thrilling endeavor, and to all my fellow 1L’s, I wish a week of good food, nice people, and easy work!


One thought on “…and other horror stories

  1. Ugh the first like month of adjusting is so hard! Jumping head first into law school is about as smooth as a crappy pilot’s landing 😂 But don’t worry it took me a full year to finally have a productive routine! My whole 1L year my routine was just “get it done and I don’t care how.” It’ll get better soon I promise!


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