What to Wear in Law School


This seems a little silly to me now, but it’s something I was legitimately concerned about before classes started. Should I wear business casual to class? These people are the people I’ll be working with in the ~real world~, so don’t I want to always look put together? Sounds great in theory. But how about the fact that I’m barely keeping my head above water, and that it’s 60 degrees in the morning, 80 in the afternoon, -30 in my classrooms, and that I’m commuting on public transit for 30 minutes each way? Yeah, bye bye business casual. Not a reality. Lucky for me, turns out people (at least at my school) don’t dress up for class.

This is not to say you can show up in sweats! People do, however, come to class in jeans. There’s a guy who wears a suit every day, and I gotta tell you I have so much respect for him, but there is not a chance I could match his level of commitment. I also saw a girl the other day in leggings and a large T-shirt with her hair in a messy bun, and she looked a little out of place. We all have our days, but overall I would say try to aim for “cute casual”, just shy of business casual. Think of every day as a casual Friday at an office – you don’t want your boss to be embarrassed for you to meet with clients, but you don’t have to apply pressure over your outfit, or buy all new clothes for class.

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, feel free to check out my clothing Pinterest board. It’s worth mentioning too that a great time saver (if you’re like me) is planning outfits ahead of time! This can mean either checking the weather as you get ready for bed and pulling out an outfit that will work for the following day, or downloading an app to plan multiple outfits from which you can choose in the mornings. Personally, I love Stylebook, which you can download in the App store. You can take pictures of your own clothing, or download photos of similar items from the internet and use those to plan things ahead of time, and you can sort outfits by whether they’re everyday appropriate or work appropriate, etc. (I have no affiliation with the app I just really like it!)

Where do you get your everyday outfit inspiration?


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