Compelling Discoveries: January


In the interest of posting more, I decided to start doing a monthly favorites post. This could be items, habits, songs, apps, quotes…literally whatever pulled me through the month! My goal is to not have these be generic like “sleeping enough!” We should all be doing stuff like that. The weirder the better. Plus I’d be lying to you all if I said I slept enough.

And I’m calling it “compelling discoveries”…get it? Discoveries I found compelling, but also a play on motions to compel discovery? If you don’t yet you will soon. CivPro and such. Law school has ruined me for humor, already.

Anyway, January is brought to you by…


  1. Planning Outfits the Night Before. Seriously y’all. I made it through undergrad without ever taking an 8am, and I lived on campus for that. Now, I live an hour away from school, and I was assigned 8am classes 3 days a week because 1L, which means I’m up at 6 to leave by 7. Y’all it is still dark out and my brain isn’t working at full capacity and it will take me a solid 15 precious minutes to find an outfit in the mornings, where it would take me 3 the night before. Check the weather, pick out your clothes, be happy. It’s not just for kids anymore.BC-4614-750x931.jpg
  2. Barr-Co Shea Butter Cream in Honeysuckle. I got this in my stocking at Christmas, and I’ve never had genuine feelings about a lotion before. This stuff is like silk. It smells like summertime and happiness. It’s the kind of thing I almost don’t want to use because I’m scared to run out of it. It’s sold out on a few different websites but apparently you can still get it on Amazon so…brb I’m going to order a few backups right now. SILK y’all.protein-powder-scoops
  3. Putting Protein Powder in my Morning Coffee. If I try to eat within an hour of waking up, I get sick. Can’t do it. Which makes waking up in time to make breakfast before my 8ams, with an hour commute, pretty much impossible. I take snacks with me to school, but usually by the time class is out at noon I’m starving even with granola bars and yogurt. If I’m somehow not hungry, it’s because I’m stressed. When I’m stressed I can go a whole day without eating, which is TERRIBLE. To get around this, I’ve been throwing a scoop of protein powder in my coffee every morning, just to make sure I get a little something to wake my metabolism up and give my body some fuel other than caffeine. I use a whole scoop of Optimum Nutrition Birthday Cake, but I also drink 36oz of coffee every day (OMG that sounds awful) so the portions kind of line up. Kind of. Also, I got the protein powder for free with my next favorite…
  4. Lexis Points. The love. Is so real. Between me and Lexis points. Guys, first thing I wish I’d done last semester is start using Lexis every day and doing their little quizzes etc, because those points can stack up, and you can redeem them for pretty much anything you can think of, and I just appreciate so much that Lexis is helping me live my best life. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t one of the main reasons I’m so much more comfortable with Lexis than Westlaw. il_570xN.1035910312_hfdd
  5. Sea and Cake Necklace Orion Constellation. My boyfriend and I have an inside joke about how I can never seem to find Orion’s Belt. It’s a disaster. So for Christmas, he got me this beautiful necklace with Orion stamped into it, the idea being now I can always find Orion even when he’s not there to point it out. The necklaces come in many different constellations, and the design of the necklace is subtle enough to go with everything. I haven’t taken it off yet, and it has very little to do with him and a whole lot to do with how versatile it is.



Disclaimer: I’m not being paid or otherwise compensated for posting my opinions of any of these products. I am not in contact with any of these brands, and while I do own and love every product mentioned, the photos featured are not mine.


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