Know Your Learning Style

IMG_4950.PNGAlthough the way you study will change in law school regardless of how effective it may have been in undergrad, knowing the ways in which you learn best will help you to carve out new tactics that are personalized to you. This will help you optimize your time and energy, as well has helping you get the most out of the material.

Because I have an undergrad degree in Psychology, I was familiar with the different types of learning styles, but I never really put much thought into which style fit me. While I assume some people could look at the categorizations of learning styles and say “yes that one is me,” I wasn’t able to identify my style right off the bat.

Commonly identified types are visual, auditory, and tactile (there are more and different categories, but these are just a few common ones!). Visual learners do best with seeing information whether it’s reading, looking at pictures, etc. Auditory learners do best when they hear information, like in class or reviewing out loud with friends. Tactile learners are best served by problem solving and “doing.”

Here is a fun Buzzfeed quiz regarding your learning style, and here’s a little bit more serious quiz on the same topic. The Buzzfeed quiz uses different categories, but it’s easy enough to parse out where similarities apply. (look at me giving “doing” tips to figure out your learning style – such a tactile thing to do!)

Once you know what learning style suits you best, you can Google, Pinterest or research however you want to find methods that will help you streamline your studying.

I fall mostly into the tactile learning style, and upon reading the tips offered for that style (like taking notes on paper rather than on a computer, or rewriting concepts in my own casual words) I’m realizing that those are all things which seem to really work for me. I wish I’d been doing those from the start!

What type of learner are you? Do you have any great techniques for that style? Share below!


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