Compelling Discoveries: February


Short month, short list! Here are the things that got me through February.

  1. Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin. Y’all this podcast is the best. It’s informative, it’s quick, and each episode has a “try this at home” quick tip. I find that I’m already doing some of the stuff they talk about, and I know it works for me, so I’m more willing to try out the new stuff I hear. I started at the first episode, and I’m working my way through it on my commutes. It’s available on Spotify, which is how I listen, but you can find it other places as well.
  2. Earplugs. Call me salty but my roommate is loud and my walls are thin. The only thing that makes me crankier than getting kept up by hearing a fight she’s having with her boyfriend or the TV blaring is getting woken up and losing even a minute of precious sleep because she decides to rearrange the Tupperware at 5 a.m. when she can’t sleep. I used to worry that if I slept in earplugs I would sleep through my alarms in the morning, but I’m finding that they tend to fall out throughout the night anyway, so it hasn’t been an issue for me yet. Get some. Get a whole pack. It will make you a nicer person.
  3. Hip Hop Yoga. I know I need to exercise. I know I hate cardio. I know that I feel like I’ve put in some real work when I leave a Hip Hop Yoga class dripping in sweat and still humming Kanye under my breath. Enough said.


Disclaimer: I’m not being paid or otherwise compensated for posting my opinions of any of these products. I am not in contact with any of these brands, and while I do own and love every product mentioned, the photos featured are not mine.


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